3D Artist / Silver Jewelry and Glass

Gail Artin

Gail is a 3D artist specializing in silver jewelry and fused glass.

When creating silver jewelry, Gail works with  precious metal clay. The clay is rolled out and textured then cut out, sanded and refined. Stones may be added that can withstand the heat of the kiln. The dried clay, as fragile as a potato chip is then fired to over 1600 degrees. The organic binder burns off, resulting in a strong piece that is sterling or fine silver.  After tumbling to bring out the shine, patinas may be added to highlight the texture. Sterling silver findings are added and the end result is a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry.

As for Gail's fused glass, special compatible sheet glass is cut, assembled and fired in the kiln to approximately 1500 degrees. The glass maybe embellished with bit of frit (crushed glass) or stringers which are like spaghetti noodles. Multiple firings may be required to create desired effects. With the gorgeous color palette of the glass, the design possibilities are endless!

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Felt Artist

Liz Canali

Liz Canali studied art and art education receiving a BS at Southern Connecticut State College. She and her husband moved here last year from Masschusetts and own Canali Designs, a graphic and web design business. Her felt work has been displayed in galleries throughout New England and Florida. Liz has been featured in Western Massachusetts Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Felt Australia and the Orlando Sentinel. Liz's work includes sculpture, illuminated felt, wall hangings and women's accessories (hats, scarves, bags). She has a background in art administration and teaching. She teaches classes and workshops in both wet felting and needle felting. See more work at www.LizCanali.com or contact her at liz.canali123@gmail for more information.

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3D Artist / Ceramics

Don Davis

Don's artworks are ceramics 3D art. His focus is on local environment’s colors, textures and form combined with inspiration by ancient ceramic cultural history. 

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2D Artist / Painter

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher has unique smooth canvas pen and ink paintings with Pineapple Gallery.

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2D Artist / Photographer

Berdella "Birdie" Gibbs

Berdella "Birdie" Gibbs has multiple formats of photography within the gallery. Her works are on canvas or metal. Birdie has beach scenes, to wetland birds, to local scenes such as St. Augustine's Festival of Lights.

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2D Artist / Watercolorist

Georgia Johnson

Georgia Johnson paints in watercolors, oils and acrylics. She has a variety of subjects at the gallery which range from prominent architecture, close ups of historical objects, to wetland scenes.

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2D Artist / Photographer

Kathleen Pruett

Kathleen works with capturing modern crops of everyday objects as well as layered portraiture.

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2D Artist / Painter and Color Pencil

Allison Richter

Allison has works in both oil on canvas and color pencil. She specializes in bird wildlife.

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2D Artist / Oil on Canvas

Audrey Scherr

Audrey has impressionistic works of oil on canvas with a range of subject matter from houses to portraits.

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3D Artist / Wood Burning with Acrylic on Wood

Mary Unson

Mary works with a burning wood process in her 3D works to implement the design. Once the design is inlaid, many times she adds a think acrylic wash to the wood for color within her artworks.

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2D Artist / Oil on Canvas Painter

Marianne Verna

Marianne works with oil on canvas to depict not only seascapes, but also interesting points of view such as closeup work of flowers.

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2D Artist / Acrylic Abstract Art

Trish Vevera

Trish has acrylic abstract art of multiple subject matters and color pallets.

2D Artist / Acrylic Abstract Art