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Artisanal wool felt is not boiled wool (it is not baize – used on pool tables, and it is not industrial felt – used for underflooring, etc.)

This nonwoven cloth is made from natural animal fibers which form indissoluble and irreversible bonds during the production process. Depending on the type of fiber and the techniques used, the sensitivity to lightness and density, transparency and opacity, rusticity and refinement, the felt can be in a multitude of textures, shades, patterns and shapes.

Felt is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable textile. An excellent insulator of heat and sound, it is also anti-static, non-allergenic, self-extinguishing, a controller of humidity and absorber of pollutants. It has intrinsic properties which help to maintain a healthy interior that is pleasant to live in.

It is a natural material that combines aesthetics and comfort and its huge potential has not been fully realized. Its various qualities place it at the heart of art, fashion and interior design.

Liz Canali has been involved with art and crafts since early in her life. Trained as a commercial graphic artist, she first worked as a paste-up artist at the telephone company but quickly moved into the education field. Liz worked as an elementary art teacher in Hopkinton, MA and then as the jewelry and weaving teacher at Northfield Mt. Hermon School in Northfield, MA. At the same time she owned and created one-of-a-kind and art-to-wear jewelry for her company, Canali Silver. She sold her work to individuals and galleries throughout the US.


Times changed and so did Canali. Her art journey brought her into the world of art administration. She was director of Leverett Crafts and Arts and then returned to her roots as a graphic artist. Combining her design experience and her husband Al’s office and sales experience, the two opened Canali Designs more than 20 years ago. Liz is the graphic designer for the business, focusing on print and web coordinated projects, logo design and marketing for small to medium businesses. In search of a non-computer creative outlet, Liz rediscovered fiber arts. Her newest passion in felt include wall hangings, vessels, interior design and wearables.

Liz has been featured in Western Massachusetts Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Felt Australia and the Orlando Sentinel.

She is a member of the Deerfield Valley Art Association in Northfield, MA

She is a member of the St. Augustine Art Association in St. Augustine, FL

She is a member of Flagler County Art League in Palm Coast FL


Liz Canali  •  • 413-824-9686  •

If you are interested in work on my website, commissioned pieces or having me do a workshop or exhibit please contact me.