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If you are a local artist looking to join an artist coop gallery, please fill out the form on this page.

Artist Application Information

The Pineapple Gallery is happy to consider new artists to our growing art collective run gallery. The gallery is run by the current artists as a way to display and sell current works of art. All artist entries are sent to the jury committee for evaluation before asking the new artist to present to the group for consideration.

If you are considered for the gallery you will be asked to send at least three images of your artwork.

A review committee will make a recommendation to the members after viewing the artwork. If you are selected and you accept, a lease agreement along with our other members is required.

*Note – this is an application form for local artists as we are an artist coop. Members are required to gallery sit two to three times at the gallery per month. There is a monthly fee which goes towards items such as rent, bills, and upcoming functions.

Thank you for your interest, The Pineapple Gallery