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About Berdella “Birdie”

Birdie has had a love of nature, and an appreciation for the beauty of nature since childhood. National Geographic has always been her favorite magazine. Photographs were one of the charms in her childhood. 


She was given a gift of a Nikon 35mm camera and enrolled in Photography 101 and 102 by her husband in the late 70’s. As a wife and mother to 2 growing children as well as an RN working in cardiology and various ICU’s, and then as a self-employed business owner in clinical research, there was little time for anything but family and vacation photos. She lived, worked, and photographed in Virginia, Hawaii, California and Florida. They traveled extensively, mostly for work but also for pleasure, and have visited every state in the US, plus Canada and Mexico, as well as several other countries. She found beauty, and photographed it, wherever they went. She cultivated a love of gardening and often photographed her flowers and children in her gardens.


They retired and moved to the beach in Palm Coast 4 years ago, and since then she has dedicated her time to increasing her knowledge and refining her photographic skills in composition, new cataloging and developing software, specific camera skills and techniques, and new processing software and capabilities. She updated her computer, software, cameras and equipment. For 2 years she took photographs every single day. 


Mostly self-taught, she has attended numerous photography lectures and workshops and watched hours of uTube and software specific videos. She joined the Flagler Beach Photography Club and attends the monthly meetings, “phototunities”,  and participates in the monthly themed contest. She is a member of The Flagler County Art League and has been a first place and honorable mention award winner in their photography contests.


Her love of beauty, nature and artistic creativity are reflected in her photographs. “I describe my artistic style to be realistic, reflecting those feelings of awe, peace, serenity, joy and humor that I experience when immersed in nature. I find a special joy in walking the beaches and absorbing it’s many moods.  I love observing the beach birds, learning their habits and watching them busily strive for survival at the shoreline.”


Today her cameras include a Nikon Z7, a Nikon D90, and her iPhone. Her photographs include sea, land and citiscapes, as well as birds and flowers. She finds and photographs beauty, and her images reflect the mood she feels in the moment. Her images vary from macro close-ups to expansive composites of land,sea or citiscapes where numerous individual images are stitched together in software to create a very large printed photograph. “Most of my images are realistic, but occasionally I love to create an abstract image. Recently, I’ve enjoyed learning to create an artistic image, if I feel that is what is needed to more accurately reflect a mood.”  


“I love sharing the beauty I see. My hope is that it will help others see and appreciate and help to protect that same beauty.” She is active on FB and Instagram, as well as her website: