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About Allison

As a wildlife artist specializing in exotic, endangered, and beautiful birds. Allison strives to share her vision through creativity and beauty.

As an artist, Allison would like others to see her passion for wildlife that she creates through the universal medium of art.

Allison has a love for color, texture, shape, and line, and tries to express interest in these items by starting out with a strong layout. Repeating positive and negative space shapes to helps her to create a consistent image.

Allison has also fostered an interest for an impasto look. She began her impasto look with her Roseate Spoonbill collection “Ugly Pretty” and  and continued this signature look from there on out. Currently she am working on multiple works with brilliant jewel colored hummingbirds to feisty regal raptors.

Whether painting the personalities of birds, feather details, landscapes, and how light, color and weather affect the images overall, mood is then transitioned to the viewer. Allison would like to share the beauty of the animals that she sees during my many trips to visit wildlife, as well as the lands in which they live.

Allison’s  journey though art began in early. Born in 1972, she grew up in the small town of Stockbridge Georgia. She began learning art from her mother who had been a commercial artist for many years.

“I remember bringing my drawings to my mother to see what she thought. I always admired the things she could draw at the drop of a hat. I would give her the drawing, and she would use tracing paper to show me where to make corrections or start over. Then she would crumple up the tracing paper, and tell me to try again. I found it very frustrating at the time, but I believe it made my technical skills all for the better.”

She studied art at Clayton State in fine arts. During her college years, she painted commercially doing large murals along business walls inside and out as well as gained entry into fine art competitions and clients that love her work.

Allison over the years has had many shows, sold work, as well as successful entries into competitions as well as media coverage.

Recently Allison moved to Palm Coast Florida where she can visit and see the most amazing birds. This enables her the opportunity to snap pictures of tropical beauties while gaining ideas. Just look out for the gators.

Many of the birds she paints include, but are not limited to, species that have been on the endangered list, or currently are endangered. Whether the birds are on the list or not, Allison would like  to bring about awareness that we should preserve our beautiful natural resources as well as share a worldwide understanding of their irreplaceable value. By bringing about interest, it is possible that we will take care of our national treasures, rather than allow them to come to environmental and human harm.